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Sewing feet are attachments that can be added to a sewing machine to help with different stitching techniques and projects. There are a variety of sewing feet available, each designed for specific functions such as quilting, hemming, piping, embroidery, and more.

These feet are usually easily attachable to the machine and can be changed out quickly depending on the task at hand. They often have unique features such as guides, grooves, and markings to help ensure precise and professional stitching.

Sewing feet can help save time and improve the accuracy of your sewing projects, making them essential tools for any craft enthusiast or professional seamstress. With the right sewing foot, you can easily achieve professional-looking results and expand your sewing capabilities.

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Janome Piping Foot 9mm

$15.99 $21.99


Janome Ruler Foot 9MM



Janome Applique Foot 9mm

$18.00 $21.99


Janome Pintuckiing Foot

$15.99 $17.99


Janome Zipper Foot Narrow Base FT BP-1



Janome Bobbin Winder Arm (Unit)



Janome Open Toe Satin Foot F2