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We praise technology because it propels us forward into a future that, we hope, will one day result in a Jetsons-like utopia (absent the weird gender stuff). Technology is supposed to make things easier and improve upon necessary if annoying tasks. But that’s not always the case. We cut the cable cord only to plug into services hell, and manufacturing might have made clothing and furniture cheaper and more accessible, but at a significant cost to quality.
Vacuums are one of the most outstanding examples of technology, not only making things more complicated but often worse. Oh, sure we all cooed over the first Dyson vacuum we saw. It rolled on a ball and could handle corners with enviable ease. My brother dropped hundreds on his and still babies it like his first car. My colleagues have praised many of Dyson’s iterations on the vacuum since, including the latest versions when Dyson declared that cords, like bags on vacuums, were over.