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Accessory Case MC15000


Artistic Perfect Press Sheet


Cloth Guide 200-216-100


Elastic Gathering Attachment, Elastic Gatherer 7.5mm, 10mm, and 13mm


Elna Edge Joining Foot Part #495000-20


Embroidery Hoop 110mmx110mm


Even feed foot (open toe type)


Even Feed Foot w/ Guide BP-1


Even Feed Foot w/ Guide BP-1 7mm


Free Motion Quilting Foot BP-1 for Memory Craft 11000 and 6600P 200-442-004


Gathering Foot BP-1 for Horizontal Rotary Hook Models


Hemmer FT Set 4mm & 6mm BP-1

$18.99 $24.99

Janome Acufil Quilting Kit


Janome Bobbins 2-54


Janome Spool Stand (5 SPOOL)


L/S Binder Foot 5mm BP-1 for Oscillating Hook Models 5mm


L/S Darning Foot 5mm BP-1 for Oscillating Hook Models


Long Quilting Guide Bar Set


MC15KQM Optional Accessory Kit


Open Toe Darning FT L/S BP-1


Open Toe Even Fd Ft


Optic Magnifier 20/40/60


Perfect Pressing Sheet


Pin Tucking FT Shallow BP-1


Pintucking Foot (Narrow)


Piping Foot - Piping FT Horiz Rotary BP-1


Quilting Attachment Kit


Ribbion /Sequin Foot 9mm BP


Spool holder (Large)




The Mini Amazing Box w/ Janome Rewriteable Flash Card


Ultraglide Foot mm BP


Wide Ribbon Guide Bp1


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